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What is your mission?

My mission is to help people who have faced deep and dark emotions from a life event or experience, find hope and meaning. I do so by creating artwork that addresses their emotions, ideas, mental state of being of that time or event, while adding hidden references to positivity. The goal is to give the viewer’s emotions or memory a home, while allowing the viewer to move past it without shame or disconnect. Instead the artwork’s subject seeks to empower the viewer and use their emotions as a point of departure and strength. 

What is your source of inspiration?

My source of inspiration is the pain that humans feel in their lives. I use the negativity from the pain to create works of positivity.

What sizes do you offer?

The paintings listed in the shop come only in the sizes that are written in the description. But commission work can come in custom sizes to fit your personal space and even a few variations in shape as well. 

Do you do commissions?

I do commissions on a personal experience, memory, a life event, an idea, emotion, or concept in general. Exact imitation of images or replications of photographs will not be accepted. 

All images on the site are bound by copyright to the artist (i.e. me). All images and information found on this site may not be reproduced, transmitted, or copied in any form without the express written consent of the artist, Aalia Rahman. Use of any image without consent will not be tolerated and legal action will be taken to the fullest extent as bound by the copyright law and any of its amendments.


Does artwork come ready to hang?

Yes, artwork does come stretched and ready to hang. 

Are frames included with your artwork? 

While custom frames are not included with the artwork, the artwork is already stretched on a 1.6 in thick frame with hanging wire in the back. You may add your own custom frame at your own expense to the artwork if you choose. But a frame will not be provided.

Do you ship outside the U.S.?

I currently do not.

Do you offer installation?

I currently do not offer installation unless you are within St. Louis. 

Do you offer insurance?

Currently I do not offer insurance. 

Do you offer payment in installments?

Installment payment plans are only available on custom sizes and commission pieces. 

Do you have a return policy?

Returns are only accepted if artwork arrives damaged and within the first week of arrival. Returns will not be accepted based on reasons such as change of mind.